Monday, July 20, 2009

Northern Area Camping Weekend

I just want to say THANKYOU Rob Southern (bobbyspit) for a wonderful weekend Louise Anna and I enjoyed ourselves immensely, the wigwams and the campsite were fandabbydozy as was the company.

It was nice to meet Ed (notfinishedyet on the Club Triumph forum) and his wife Jill and their son George. They had a beatiful blue herald that has only done 320 miles since being rebuilt.

Ed admitted to a few teething troubles or as I call it "character". I'm sure you'll sort out the little niggles soon Ed.

I'm ashamed to say that we went up in the modern.................not enough room for all the weekends crap in a GT6 and/or three people. We didn't go on the run around the Lake District on the Saturday for a couple of reasons,

1. My wife Louise had a very fuzzy head after a boozy friday night.
2. I was also meeting my mate Gary (Gaz) Seddon who arrived early on Saturday afternoon with his two kids and another in tow. (Brave, brave man!!!)
I'm still aching all over from playing football and volleyball with Rhys my mate Gaz's football daft son who has enough energy to power a large city. Gary will be my co pilot on the 10CR and came along for the fun and to meet some of the people going on that trip.
Mr Acclaim himself was there (Barry McGrath) with his sons James and Alex in one of his many Honda's............................erm TRIUMPH Acclaims, sorry Barry it was "Ginger" I think.
The other Triumph to turn up apart from Rob's was a nice white Spitfire Belonging to Neil who will be Rob's co pilot on the 10CR. It used to belong to Craig Gingell's wife, If your reading this Craig it has gone to a good home.
As for the weather we only had a couple of showers here and there, I even got a little sunburn on the Saturday. Of course once the barbecues came out on Saturday evening we had a rather heavy shower that almost put out the barbecues untill Gaz's daughter Natasha and her friend came to the rescue with their umberellas.

Matt was also there from the P&P keeping us all topped up with lots of goodies and was the only Gentleman there to offer my wife Louise a proper wine glass.Louise says thanks Matt .

Last but most certainly not least it was good to see Marcus again who met up with the cars on the run around the Lake District and came to the campsite for the evening and had us all in stitches with some of his stories, especially the one about the goat and his neighbour.

The campsite comes highly recommended and is in a great place to visit the Lake District, The North Pennines and Hadrians Wall.
Again Rob thanks for a great weekend and a fantastic location and I think you should be unopposed for the next Pendle and Pennine bonus point.
Steve Thompson (tiggrr1)

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