Saturday, July 11, 2009


First off I would like to say a big thank you to Nick Jones for supplying me with this excellent driveshaft conversion for my rotoflex GT6.

The inner joint is brand new and the driveshaft and outer CV joint are refurbished items but as you can see from the picture they look brand new!

Also the hub has been machined to take the more modern MGF wheel bearing which should be stronger. Fitting of the driveshafts was pretty straightforward as it is literally a case of taking the old ones off and bolting in the new ones, also it is much easier to get the upright mounted to the spring as the rotoflex rubber is not holding the driveshaft under tension.



While I was at it I also completely stripped the back end including the diff to polybush everything. Some of the old bushes were knackered.Now the rear of the car is much more firmly planted through the twisties and the transmission feels much more direct without the rotoflex rubbers in place, however the tradeoff is a little more diff/roadnoise transmitted into the car particularly at 2200-2300rpm there is a slight diff whine but at all other speeds it is fine . It does gives me the excuse to add a little soundproofing as there is only carpet fitted to the car at the moment.

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NAS/TAPE said...

Hi, The car is looking great. I am also looking to do a rotoflex conversion.
Do yo uknow where i can find Nick Jones.'s contact details.

kind regards

George Angus