Sunday, October 12, 2008

The RBRR (Team Shorts)

After having just over a week collect my thoughts and recover from the rigours of long distance driving and sleep deprivation.

I must say that the RBRR is an absolutely fantastic experience and should feature in those lists of top ten things “to do before you die”.

Was it fun.....Oh Yes

Would I do it again.....Definitely

Was it difficult.....I did not find it hard to do the event but then I did take a couple of days off work before hand to relax and get some good sleep, I also ate well to build up some energy reserves.
I did however find the week after completing the RBRR very tough, I kept falling asleep as soon as I got home from work!

It was great for me to meet up with people at the start of the event at the Plough and put faces to names from the CT forum as I suspected you all turned out to be great fun and also slightly mad but I suppose that goes with wanting to drive old Triumph's 2000 miles in 48 hours!

Here's a few of my favourite photo's from the run. (some are not mine and are from CT forum members I hope you do not mind me using them)

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