Monday, September 29, 2008

Team Shorts ready to go

Team Shorts is ready for the RBRR (we hope)

I went over to Rob's place yesterday (Sunday 28th) to fit his superb leather seats + headrests into the GT6, It only took a few minutes and totally transformed the car! It really does show just how knackerd (technical term) my seat foams really are, we hoovered half of my seat foam out of the footwell for sure!

We also had a play with a power inverter and my laptop with a broadband usb internet adapter.
A few niggles with the cigarette lighter power source means that I will hardwire it to the battery via an inline fuse. We are hoping to use this setup when we are not too tired from driving or just trying to keep up.
We hope to post back onto the Club Triumph website with our progress and thoughts on the RBRR. It is just an experiment as the broadband coverage is patchy at best outside of built up areas, so the updates may be few and far between but we'll do our best to try to share the RBRR with those who are unable to take part this year.
Oh by the way Rob's the good looking guy on the left hand side of the picture.

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Doug said...

Steve - if your broadband plans don't pan out, feel free to bung any pics etc onto a USB flash key or something and I can post them for you shortly after you've all left Stirling.

Alternatively I'll chuck a USB hard drive in my Spitty before heading up to Stirling which you could load stuff up to if you like.