Saturday, September 27, 2008

Looking Forward To The Round Britain Reliability Run Car No.141 (Team Shorts)

Here's a couple of pics of my Spotlights as fitted for the RBRR.They are fitted to the bonnet hinge mounting point behind the chassis end cap.The end cap has a slot cut in it to alow the angle iron to protrude through it, the light bar is then held very firmly on a pivot by two 1/2 inch bolts (you can actually jump up and down on the bar it will not move!!!)To tip the bonnet however I do have to loosen the bolts to tip the lamps down out of the way and then tighten them back up afterwards. I do have plans to fit another small bolt/bracket so they return to the same spot each time
They have had a good test over some very bumpy roads this weekend and light up the way ahead superbly with no trace of any annoying wobble which can be very tireing on your eyes
Also for the purists among you I can remove them in about 10 minutes and now just need to find some new chassis end caps to replace the ones I've butcherd to make the lights fit

The RBRR, personaly I need to thank (blame) Tim Bancroft for my taking part in this event. I mentioned to him that it was a shame that the running list was full (at the CT National) and he said it would be a good idea to get on the reserve list as he expected a few to drop out!!!

To get the car ready for the RBRR the main thing was to change the driveshaft U/J's the nearside was in a very poor condition, I've also fitted an oil cooler and some very powerful driving/spotlamps (150w each) with a high capacity alternator (65amp) to power them.

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